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The watchmaker and time by Devang Kanavia is a book about Pedro’s love for watches. Devang Kanavia is a story-teller who became a Book Seller even with his first book.  Being himself a perfect coach, and mastered in notable speech, he rendered his work with versatility through science and philosophy. Even a lay man can understand his writing style.

The book”” The watchmaker and time consists of 115 pages with three units namely The Question, The Direction and The Completion.

There are few simple illustration given in the book about THE TIME. Each chapter carries with itself a few quotes in the beginning.  The story revolves around a grandfather and a grand daughter

The Hour glass is given due importance in the entire book and the concept of Time is dealt in a very prompt way.”” Time is precious”” and everyone has a right to use it in his own way and at that same to use it in a sensible way is also his responsibility.

The Author quite convincingly presented his ideas to the readers.  I quote from page 41, “Look here.  If you look at each page individually, it is complete in itself.  Let me fold one page.  Now when you flip it, the story will still look complete.  Your mind will fill up for the folded page”.   The first chapter of the book focuses on the general nature of Questions and the chapter two of the book leads us towards the right direction for the right answer. The book is unique for many reasons, because most of the concepts are regular but still hard to understand. 

The author finely describes the intertwined concept of the past, the present and the future.  The points about finite and infinite was clearly stated the pages of 88, I quote, “Zero was the alternate side of infinity.  Time had always been finite. The end leads to the beginning”. The third and the final chapter of the book throws light on the word and the meaning of completion. Though the terms like watch and time are casual in use, the book provides the original and in depth purpose of them in human lives.  I quote from page 114 of the book, “Pedro went closer to him and handed over his watch to the kid, wanting to tell him the real meaning of time.  He placed the watch in his hand and told him, ‘This is your time’. 

(Received the book from WRITERS MELON in exchange for an honest review)

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The book THE WATCHMAKER AND TIME BY DEVANG KANAVIA makes a good read for people of all age groups. It deals with importance of Time.

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