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CHANGE ME by International Life coach Jasmin Waldmann is a self-help book in the health /wellness category. She is the inventor of Pilardio, a concept that combines pilates and cardio, (It is well discussed in the page 96 of the book.  It works on ten important principles) and the developer of JaWa Diet.  Though a non –fiction the book unfolds in the form of a story with almost thirty characters, which helps the readers to be more attentive and breaks boredom. The book has 240 pages with ten chapters. Even the titles of the chapters are so exact almost conveying the message themselves. The special attraction comes in the form of ‘’R”, all the chapter’s titles begin with the same letter.

Life has become so busy now- a- days that it took toll on one’s health. To gain wellness and to be fit, demands a routine and a regime. This book steps in as a caretaker and a guide to support us in the process of getting back all that we have lost. The most general question rises among many-Why a personal trainer? The necessity of a personal trainer is well emphasised in the book and the simple answer being, to understand your difficulties, provide solutions to your problems, customise a plan according to your requirements and a tailor made regimen and routine that suits your body type along with a diet plan. Above all a support in your endeavour, If this along with the support from the family, then the task can be accomplished with flying colours.  I quote from page 53 “Of these, only one is about physical workouts. I call it the “movement Pillar”. This includes different practices like pilates, weight lifting, functional fitness training, Pilardio and floor exercises. It depends on what’s best suited for you. The other three pillars- meditation, life coaching and diet- will also be a part of our programme, we will gradually explore all four facets to transform your mind and body. This way we are able to establish a mind set in place so that you remain committed to your fitness.’’

“Resolve to be a master of change rather than the victim of change- Brian Tracy. The author tries to instil this feature among the readers. The concept of REBUILD is well established in the book, I quote from page 93 of the book about Happiness- “I mean that you can be happy whenever you choose to be so. Happiness is independent of any condition or secret or any path. It is simple formula; reality minus expectations. That’s happiness. Once you accept what is and decide to do the best with what you have, the misery ends.”

Description of a personality largely depends on the physical form, the author is successful in bringing out the image - widening  paunch, fat jowls, bulging eyes, large stubby hands, bright shiny eyes, rippling taut muscles, too fat, too dull, too un trainable, bright shiny almond eyes etc.

In order to accept change, we need to find meaning in it - Mary Norton Gordon.  Jasmin tries to help us to understand the change as well as the need to change.  I quote from the page 117.  “Pilardio comes with a diet plan called JaWa diet.  It is a unique diet with a very holistic approach.  It can be practised for life.  It is about what your body needs, not what your body is craving for.” 

Nothing is particularly hard if you decide it into small jobs - Henry Ford. In the words of the author obstacles or challenges can also be handled gently with “One baby step at a time”. The author also always insists to avoid short cuts.  “Short cuts are not always safe.  Besides, allowing the body to gradually adjust to something always works better than shocking it into accepting something.”(Page 119)

Jasmin takes the readers on a tour of different perspectives for almost everything. she answers all the questions of a normal man and clears the doubts with her book. Author states success as being excited about what you do, sticking with what matters to you during the rough times and living a life you can feel proud of when you look back.

The author provides the readers a necessary tip on pain relief. I quote from page 191, “Simply by deciding to change and controlling your emotions.  A conscious decision followed by action can help your brain activate its own pain-relief mechanisms.  You don’t need chemical interventions.” 

Apart from health and fitness, author teaches the readers about baking.  The baking is a magical experience right from kneading to waiting for them to rise.  “Baking is intoxicating and sensual”, these words of the author shows her interest in baking. She preaches what she teaches. “Enjoy your food.” More than all these, the book also covers on topics like belief, passion, yoga, meditation, ego, dreams, sleep, parenting and discipline.  Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments - Jim Rohn.  The personal trainer in the book sticks to this always.  The author concludes by directing the readers towards a lighter mind and lighter body.   

(Received a copy of the book from WRITERS MELON in return of a honest review)   

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