Brilliance Gone Bad

Written by James Eneojile |
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Each time I think of my high school days, I'm almost driven crazy with laughter. Uhm...yes sorry, i know i tend to use the hyperbole a little bit too much in my stories, but i strongly believe I'm not lying, so please believe me too. Now, Garo academy was one highly crazy high school. well, it was for a kid like me who was small, quiet and even though I'd hate to admit, weak! And so for us weaklings or "gentle" as we preferred, there were two things involved. First, we were bullied by the seniors, second, we were bullied by our mates. For a guy like me, there was a third. i was bullied by the girls. Now, bullying had levels. Even bullies had lists and an order of ranking. Top on that list was Jide. He was a twelve year old, fat, round faced boy whose face always seemed to say, "I wish any idiot would just say something" well, we said nothing, for saying something meant voluntarily inserting your name in the long list of boys who got their asses kicked by him. Luckily, Jide liked me, well, as a friend. He ensured that I got the maximum protection from other bullies, and in my case, everybody. so I was basically private property. One day, nature decided my luck was out, and what I dreaded happened, all for the wrong reason. I got so brilliant in class by answering a question Jide failed, and with that, came the handsome reward of administering five strokes of cane on Jide's spacious buttocks. And honestly, I wasn't sure if I was to thank the teacher or shout curses at him, but even more afraid that I would be laughed at for being a coward, i flogged Jide, in what turned out to be my greatest high school regret,i figured out that my legs would have to take me home as quick as possible for the next three weeks. But I was mistaken, for that day after school, en route to my house, I saw Jide fists pumped and wating alongside other classmates including my high school crush who had come to witness the event, I ran back as fast as I could to the principal's office. yes, He who fights and runs, yet lives to fight another day!
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Author: James Eneojile
My name is James Eneojile, I'm a Nigerian. I do all forms of literature!


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