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Bruce loved children and they loved him as he was a great storyteller. He would make up the stories as he went along. 
Bruce sat in the park every Saturday afternoon (weather permitting) and you would see as many as twenty to thirty Children sitting in front of him waiting for him to start.
Well one Saturday Bruce was not there was not there. The children of course were most disappointed. While they were sitting there a policeman came and told them that Bruce would not be coming as he was in the hospital. I forgot to tell you Bruce was eighty years old. Apparently, he had a heart attack. Many of the children were in tears. After the policeman left the children decided to let Bruce know how much they missed him. They decided the first thing they would do is to send him some flowers. So, each of them went home and got a dollar and then came back to the park and gave it to the oldest boy so he could go and buy the flowers to send to Bruce.
Then they all agreed to pray for Bruce and ask to let him be well again. Well the Lord must have heard them and next day they heard he was recovering but would not be out of the hospital for several days.
Now the children tried to do what to do next. They decided they would send him get well cards but not the usual kind. Instead each child made their own cards. So, the all went home to make a card to send to Bruce. Then the next day they all went to the hospital and asked one of the staff if he would take them to him, which he did. If only the children could have been there to see the tears rolling down his cheeks.
When Bruce came out of the hospital that Friday, he was back in the park and saw the children sitting waiting for him.
His Story began about an old man that had been in hospital and because of all the children loving him so much and did the things they did to make him fight for his life was something he would never forget. Well Bruce lived to be ninety and never missed a Saturday in the park. By now of course. the children had grown up but would be there and bring other children to listen to his stories. Now it wasn’t twenty to thirty sitting there. The numbers rose to nearly one hundred and that was not including the parents that started coming as well.
When Bruce passed away all the children and their parents were there. There was not one dry eye there.

If you ever go, there and visit the park
You would still see a plaque on the bench which reads:
R Taub – June 19, 2016

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Author: Bob Taub
I am 84 years old and have been writing for over 60 years. My specialty is poetry as well I write one page stories for children. I also write jingles. Although it is not connected to writing I have been a Psychic for about 50 year now. I have just published my third book in June of this year.


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