Build stadiums for counties to promote economic growth

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                           Build stadiums for counties to promote economic growth

According to the World Bank report on counties in Kenya, Kajiado County occupies the third position among the top ten richest counties in Kenya behind Kiambu and Nyeri respectively with a GDP (gross domestic product) of $1,466. In addition to that, it enjoys huge revenue allocation of up to 5.8 billion.

It therefore bits the logic that such a blessed county in terms of wealth and resources lacks an ultra-modern sporting facility while counties that have been ranked way below with a lower GDP like Nairobi, Kisumu, Kakamega, Machakos and Mombasa has such significant sporting facilities.

One of Jubilee's manifestos in 2013 before they assumed power was to ensure that counties had stadiums to nature talent of its citizens. This dream has been achieved in other counties like Machakos, Kakamega, and Narok counties and this is commendable.

However, the same has not been done in Kajiado County and there is no sign of anything tangible being done to improve any of the public sporting facilities available.  The county receives a huge chunk of the revenue allocation and therefore has the capability of putting up an ultra-modern stadium equipped with a gym, basketball court, playing ground, swimming pool and a track for athletes.

Instead, what we see are dilapidated playing fields that have been neglected for years. A case in point is the KCB grounds situated within the town that is full of stones and concrete left behind after the erection of a perimeter wall. Such an environment is not conducive for sportsmen and women who use the ground for training as they are exposed to numerous risks of injury and body harm while playing.

Another notable playing ground that has been neglected is the Show Ground located at the outskirts of town. The ground has a lot of space and if the people responsible had the zeal to develop and uplift it's standards, this could be easily achieved without the problem of scarcity of space.




The ground has become dormant and under-utilized since the KANU regime left power and it is in a sorry state as there are no more shows and high profile events.

It cannot be disputed that acquisition of stadiums opens up doors for tapping talent and improves the economy of a country. Counties with such facilities can attest to that. For instance, it's quite obvious now that Kajiado County cannot play host to high profile functions like the Mashujaa Day celebrations, Madaraka Day celebrations and Jamhuri Day celebrations. Moreover, it cannot host Kenyan premier league matches as there is no stadium to accommodate this.

As a result, Kajiado County is being denied an important opportunity to grow as such events bring in more local and international tourists thereby boosting business.

In addition, availability of sporting facilities that are well taken care of promotes sports as more talent is tapped. This in the long run generates to good performances at Olympic Games and other international games besides creation of employment whether directly or indirectly.

And as we all know, sports has been known to promote peace as it brings people of diverse cultures together for a common purpose there by bring peaceful co-existence and eliminating negative ethnicity.

The government in conjunction with the county government of Kajiado should therefore identify an appropriate place and put up a state of the art sporting facility or upgrade those available if economic growth is to be realized now or in the near future.



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