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Bullying is the work of a troubled mind

He or She friends cannot find

Many of them suffer at home from abuse                                                                                                       Parents are to blame telling them they are of no use.

Bullying is their way of fighting back                                                                                                                     When others weaker than them they do attack

Never realizing the pain, they bring to bear

On others, because they do not care.

Others suffer deep down inside

Many have ended their hurt committing SUICIDE

Never having had anyone to whom they could turn

Parents and teachers from this should learn.

Bullying must be stopped before its to late

Starting now we must not hesitate


Teachers and parent must the bullies educate

For the hurt to others is hard to CONTEMPLATE.



May 8, 2014,  R. Taub

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Author: Bob Taub
I am 84 years old and have been writing for over 60 years. My specialty is poetry as well I write one page stories for children. I also write jingles. Although it is not connected to writing I have been a Psychic for about 50 year now. I have just published my third book in June of this year.


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