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Why are you so heavy?

I carry you everywhere I go

I can't understand why you can't be alone

My feet buckle

And my clothes drenched with sweat

You are my only regret


What I want for you to comprehend 

Is the pain of your decisions

That life owes us nothing

We are our own mathematicians


So apply this formula before I can no longer carry you:


"Brackets divide, we all know that

Multiply your blessings and create pacts

Subtract distractions and negative factions

Add fulfilment and delight

That should save you from harm's plight

When a strong adversary wins 

He is not your foe

You're all equal, dont you know?


And when this fails, never forget

That prayers might be your best bet"



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Form of Poetry


Author: Shawna-Lee Lawrence
I am a poet at heart, so wildly in love with the imagination and the fruit bears from my soul
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