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     Some people are adicted to drinking. Some people are addicted to smoking. My vice is Coke Classic. I eat, sleep and drink coke all day. There is nothing in the world like a  cold mouth watering, quenching and refreshing coke on a hot day. I like the tingling sensation it leaves on my tongue. I actually cry when somebody drinks the last can. I usually like to have my three  cans of caffeine right before I go to bed. At  3: a.m , my body jumps and awakens me from my sleep. When I taste my tongue and feel the crusted film on it, I know what my system needs. Just like a junkie, I go and raid the refrigerater for satisfaction. If there is no coke, I go into a wild rage. I quickly throw on some clothes, grab my keys and hunt for an open store.When I find it, I devour my coke just like a wild animal. I cannot wait till I get home and get relief, so I crack open the cold can and guzzle one down in the car. I arrive home safetly, and climb into bed with the only engergy I need in the world After I relax and my body settles down, I remeber that coke is the real thing.

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Author: rochelle jones
My name is Rochelle Jones and I am 62 years old. I have worked as a Special Education Teacher for most of my life with nursing jobs here and there. I am married with two sons, who I love with all my heart and three granddaughter .I Ioving take care of my Mother , who is 92 years old. My special accomplishment is that I survived Cancer three times and cancer free.


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