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Ever wanted to know how it would  feel like to be white,  come on now I mean you'll probably do allot of things differently but can't go to the hood though saying what's up fool ,  out loud  With  Saggy pants  Lol ...  

I've never seen a white person eat pig feet or pickled eggs if they haven't id tell them what to do with it . Though when he  around he'll probably be like hey will man what do you put these things in something I be like give  me that...  then turn  my back and say gimme 2seconds all he gonna smell is pickle juice when I turn around he'll probably be like hey dude where did the pig feet go i be like I dnt know damn Its probably where it needs to be  you all looking at the pig feet all nasty and stuff main man made good use of out of it .... LOL

Okay now picture I'm  doing what black people do every day all day when it's all said and done I'll probably end up with. A couple of bruise's crippled trying to call back up.. not now dude not now  dang it I have to get away from those jits aww shh.. Hayley lol  


I'm out y'all.....

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