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I'm a native English speaker from the USA. However, I now live in Portugal with my husband, Portuguese water dog, and an attack cat. Before I started technical writing, I experimented with various occupations: computer programming and quality assurance…but my favorite job is the one I'm now doing— technical writing.


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Layla Fischer is a partner at Writerly Words, where she has devoted 90 percent of her career in the Engineering, and IT Technology fields for the last seven years.  She has extensive experience in technical writing.  Her recent activities include writing software documentation on the internet, working with multiple software development groups from her home-office in Portugal. After documenting hundreds of technical processes and teaching others in the corporate environment as a documentation specialist and professional trainer, she moved on to the next logical career path of freelance writing.

Layla takes technical writing, multimedia, training, and consulting projects in a variety of industries.  Though hardware (assembly, troubleshooting, repair, etc.) and software (user manuals, admin manuals, developers’ guides, etc.) are usually her favorite projects, pretty much any customer with cool toys and tech to master has a good chance of capturing her interest. 

Since much of Layla’s world revolves around highly technical documentation, electronic media, and curriculum, she likes to blow off steam by playing with her Portuguese water dog and documenting the historical features of here current country of residence, Portugal.

Education & Credentials

M.S., (IT Technology), University of Oregon, 2011
B.A., summa cum laude, University of Florida, 2007



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