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An introverted extrovert, who is uber creative. Writer, painter, seamstress and dancer (to name a few). A hippie at heart, I'm into hippie shit. Your run-of-the-mill mystical and metaphysical subjects. I definitely believe in magic. Life is all about balance and perspective. I choose to be positive and lead with love and light. If you tell me a secret, I'll never tell a soul.


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I am a writer, artist and intuitive involved in many creative endeavors. I don't believe in limiting myself to just one form of art, I like variety.

In the past years I have published poetry, articles and visual art pieces to online literary magazines. I’ve shared my visions through art forms.

I have a passion for poetry, but on the side, I also enjoy dancing and music production.

Get in touch with me today at -moondropcollaborative@gmail.com— I look forward to talking with you about any projects you may need my perspective on.



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