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Sandra Godwin is a freelance writer and a stay at home mom. Writing mostly poetry, short stories, and songs, from mostly personal experiences. The strange and unexplained is also a great interest. Sandra is ready to be the best possible resource given the chance to share these amazing, sometimes shocking, and tragic stories.


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Sandra "Nicole" Godwin was born January 7, 1984 in Florence SC. Her parents were Danny and Sandy Godwin and has an older sister, who she grew up with close. At 13, she lost her dad to a car accident, then 5 yrs later, her mom was killed the same way. 

This is why writing has become her passion, but that only scratches the surface of whats in Sandra's writing. 

Sandra is a freelance writer and stay at home mom. Just beginning to pursue writing professionally, but began writing at 12, winning an award for an essay she wrote for D.A.R.E. Then finished highschool and graduated in the National Honor Society from Tennessee Technology Center with her associate's degree in Legal Administration. She was asked to write her own closing speech, that she spoke before her campus. Experience includes any office programs, many different forms of writing, transcription documents, legal documents, formal letters, dissolutions, and accounting records.

Sandra has goals to have some of her book of poetry and songs published, but recently a novel has become part of her goals. Non-fiction, same as alot of her poetry. An intriguing and mysterious story, even to herself, although very personal. One day it needs to be written. 

Any opportunity is appreciated!




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