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I am known as Rate. (pronounced sort of like, "Latte") I am an artist who is currently attempting to pave their way to a new, better life. I hope to one day afford to move to Japan, where I feel in my soul that I belong. Thank you for reading. Please feel free to check out my work. If you need anything, I am very considerate, friendly, and understanding. I am always excited to learn and grow.


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We meet. 
My name is Rate Cyan, it is pronounced closely enough to "Latte Chan" to be that.

From Wikipedia: "Chan (ちゃん) expresses that the speaker finds a person endearing. In general, -chan is used for young children, close friends, babies, grandparents, and sometimes female adolescents. It may also be used towards cute animals, lovers, or a youthful woman."  
That's about all I have to say about that topic. 


I generally spend my free time studying, reading, writing, or most often drawing. I currently sell clothing designs, prints, stickers, and other artwork -> https://linktr.ee/lattechan. If you want to know about my personality, I'm a very easygoing person. I have an issue with anxiety and depression that I struggle to overcome sometimes, but other than that I am generally a happy, kind person. I am not incredibly outgoing, more of a small group kind of person. I have many varied interests across thousands of topics, and I am always eager to learn about something new. I may not be able to express myself, person to person, very well, but I think my work can speak for itself in some ways that I can't, and I appreciate that. 
Although a native English speaker, I have small roots in many languages such as (in no particular order) German, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, this can sometimes clash, and cause my wording to sound strange, although very limited, I am always in a position to expand as needed. I am currently studying Japanese full-time (through book courses, not school.) It is more so my "main" language, but I try to use English here and on social media. I would absolutely love to go to school for almost anything as long as it's an applicable field, preferably with few people. 

I dream of someone offering me a job in Japan, giving me a chance, and letting me bloom into the fulfilled human being that I know I can be. Overall, I am available for just about anything. I specialize in illustration/design things of that nature, but I am heavily into languages, and other arts so if anything seems like a nice fit, don't hesitate to ask, I will always do my best. 




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