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Lawrence has enjoyed writing poems & rhymes since an early age and finds it fascinating making stories come to life through his words of thoughtful imagination.

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Arts and Culture ~ Poems "By The Sea"
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I have been writing poems and rhymes since an early ago, and then I started writing lyrics to songs in the mid eighties. I enjoy sharing the English Language in forms of rhyming stories, either in plain poetical text on paper, in rhymable childrens story books with illustrations, and in the lyrical form as a song to be liked and sung. I have written and have had recorded, by Paramount Group Inc in Nashville, over 25 songs which are available to listen to and, or can be download for 99 cents at: My childrens books are coming along fine and I have one published on Amazon at KDP publishing which can be seen and if liked, purchased through my website at:  It is called: "Billy Amigo & Little Willy Wiggle" a funny fishing story for the young and young at heart alike! I also have several other short story rhyme books being completed as this is typed; one called: "The Haunted House, Bubba Rouse & the Halloween Mouse" that should be published and be available by the end of October 2020, with: "The Mule In The Marijuana Patch" being published by the middle of next month, November 2020. Fun fun funny! With many more puiblications on the horizon!  Stay tuned!



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