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Ojingiri Hannah is a student of university of ilorin, where she studies English. Hannah holds a Diploma in Law degree from Kogi State university, Ayingba and NCE degree in English/Economics from Kwara State college of education, ilorin. In her spare time she enjoys writing and reading inspirational books. She lives in Nigeria.


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Poetry, counselling, movie script

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Arts and Culture ~ Analysis Unlocking Your Puzzles: Solving Life's Problems
Arts and Culture ~ Analysis Suicide Is Not An Option
Arts and Culture ~ Short Stories Frozen Tears
Politics ~ Political Child Marriage In Nigeria And How To Stop It
Arts and Culture ~ Short Stories Lost In Time


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Ojingiri Hannah is from Nigeria. She has been writing for about seven years. She has entered into so many online writing contest on essays, poems, script writing and quotes. She was among the ten winners shortlisted in 2019 for "embracing our differences" in florida. Her educational background in English has given her a broad base from which to approach many topics. She especially enjoys writing inspirational quotes and articles. You may view some of her work on Https://www.instagram.com/inspirationalquotesmessages

She holds a diploma degree in law and Nce degree in English/Economics. She's currently studying English in university of ilorin, kwara state. During her leisure time she enjoys writing and listening to music. One of her quotes that has received a win is "A big heart makes a big life" 





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