Cultivating New Life Stories

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I was always looking for new stories. Stories that never end. Stories that would allow healthy vines to grow beautifully into the garden of my life, and fulfill my endless dreams. Stories that could replenish my soul to overcome the gaps of the noisy weeds which cause to linger the movements of my limbs. Each one of us eager to live within such picture that would shape profound facial expressions of happiness, interest, and expectations. Nevertheless, we still wondering how we can start our remarkable stories.

Noteworthy, our emotional states can control the outcome of what we experience in our daily lives. For instance: When we focus on prosperity and success and bring it in our heads with great happiness and joy we will surely attain them no matter how many bumps we meet on our way and that is of course by our faith of GOD great support. In addition to that, I have learned that everything cannot come by chance, it is just a result of what we used to do in the past. We claim that we cannot make up our own stories. But I can assure you we can invent new stories by noticing our emotions and documenting affliction. So in a nutshell, be the commander and work with pleasure to bring in colorful fruits that can satisfy the view of the garden of your life.

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Author: Hanan Essam
My Name is Hanan Essam, I am 39 years old, I am from Egypt, I have been interested in writing ever since I was 15 years old. I love writing anything in English. I love writing Inspirational stuff. I like to help people think positive in a way. I have other skills such as designing, programming kids' games and others. I am glad to join this big community to share up my ideas with.


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