Currents of Love

Written by Heidi Sands |
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Snowflakes sparkle

Like the twinkle in your eyes

As I wish to hold your hand

In view of the mountains

Where our dreams are spread

In a pure, white, blanket

With shadows like angels wings

Dancing on the slopes

Our breath can be seen in the air

Between warm kisses

That lift us above

The ground we stand upon together

We float on currents of love

Brighter than everything

Stronger than anything

That could possibly hold us down

We are all we can be

Together and forever


Heidi Sands

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Form of Poetry

Free verse

Author: Heidi Sands
I am a freelance writer with article publications in Woman's Own Magazine, ParentGuide News, Our Journey, Franklin Publishing Culture Journal and London Press Victory News Success Journal. I have written 5 poetry books , all at Amazon. I have completed a true crime book ready for submission.


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