Days in My Favorite Places

Written by Sofia Herendeen |
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     "Isn't it lovely, Sunday?"

     "Yeah, it is, Monday. It is."

     "I really like how the sun sets right over the ocean and turns the clouds many colors, like purple, and pink, and if you look over there," Monday says, turning her head towards part of the sky, "There's a bit of orange and red!"

     Monday contently sighs, as Sunday gets up and leaves the park.

     "Bye, Sunday." She murmurs, but Sunday was long gone. Monday stayed there, sitting in the grass for a little while longer watching the sun recede.


     Monday finally started to walk back to her house, and she passed Tuesday on her way there.

     "Hey Tuesday! Where are you going?" Monday eagerly walks towards her, much to the current disdain of Tuesday.

     "Does it really matter? Can't you bother someone else for a change?" Tuesday says, not really bitterly, but more in a tired sense. As if she's tired of Monday already, even from a simple encounter.

     "I was just wondering, it's practically eleven o'clock at night!" Monday huffs, throwing her arms in the air then crossing them.

     "To the drug store down the road." Tuesday states as if it were common knowledge.


     "Because. Bye, Monday." Tuesday says as she walks away from the troublesome Monday.


     Tuesday found many things in the seemingly magical store. She could smell the strange cheeses, and in the next aisle she saw the exuberant colors of board games. Tuesday has always loved stores at night, it’s perfect for finding inspiration for her stories, as well as getting random objects for cheap. Just as Tuesday reaches for some taco shells, someone scares her.

     “Tacos again tonight? Really Tuesday?” Tuesday jumps and turns around, finding a giggling Wednesday.

     “Shut up. Tacos are eternal.” She simply responds while tossing the shells into her cart.

     “You’ve eaten them for the past week! You need to be more wary of your diet!” Wednesday says as she points to her low-fat milk.

     “Oh well, I know I can never change your mind. I’m off! Bye, Tuesday.” Wednesday says as she walks to the checkout counter then leaves.


     Wednesday entered the living room, and sat down in her favorite, old soft chair. She picks up her newest book, which has great tales of magic and love, cohesively fitting together in the great puzzle of the plot. She looks up for a moment, thinking about the current storyline as she looks at the warm glow of the tree next to her. Suddenly she hears a rustle coming from the doorway.

     “Wednesday, is that you? Why are you up this late?” She recognizes the voice as Thursday.

     “What are you doing up this late, Thursday?” Wednesday inquires as she sets down her book.

     “The usual.” She responds cooly.

     “Stargazing? Again? When do you sleep?”

     “Same goes for you, you’re always reading!” Thursday giggles, “I’m going out back. Bye, Wednesday.” Thursday says as she grabs her telescope and heads outside.


     “Wow, that’s really pretty!” Thursday exclaims as she views the stars through the telescope she owns. She glances at the moon and is speechless. It’s like a glowing sphere from the heavens, casting its beautiful light onto the lucky eyes of who dare to look at it. Seemingly out of nowhere, the back gate opens and Thursday looks towards it with the telescope. At first she is confused as to why she can only see an eye, then realizes she’s looking through the telescope still.

     “Hey! Thursday! What’s up!” Friday yells across the yard.

     “The sky.” Thursday cheekily smiles.

     “Oh, you,” Friday shakes her head, “I’m heading inside to the Cave of Wonders.”

     “Again? What are you making this time?”

     “You’ll see,” Friday winks, “Bye, Thursday.” She says as she heads inside the house and towards her Cave of Wonders.


     Friday looks around the room with a smile. The mess in each corner some might call unhealthy, but Friday likes to call it creativity. Most things in the piles are unfinished projects, personal and for other people. Some piles are just materials she’ll be using soon. She feels that strange pull into her room, like it’s another universe inviting her in. She smiles.

     “Bye, everyone.”

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Author: Sofia Herendeen
I made this for a school project, I hope it's okay


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