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Digital Daughter

Kalyani while entering most famous and crowded mall at late night saw empty parking space and assume there is probably nobody in mall so she quickly rush towards lift thinking the restaurant will be open or closed, while going up she witness total silence because mall was almost empty but she is already accustome of such scenario. After Ajit death she has performed such kind of stunt almost every week to keep her away from agony of life, when she entered restaurant luckily it was still open and a couple customer was taking dinner she seated herself way from couple to avoid submerging in ajit's memories once again, she ordered watermelon mocktail and prawn biryani for herself and while hiding her tears she ate dinner because as much she try to avoid memories of Ajit that much she use to drown into them deeply,that day while returning to home she decided she need to do something for her lonliness and agony she decided to live her rest of  life happily as she promised to Ajit in his dead bed, now she needs to work  on options but she decided to work on it later on. 
She already thought of two three options like  joining the kitty or club, adapting child as she and Ajit together did not have any biological children, keeping tenants at home,chatting to the strangers.She kept on thinking of all the options for many days and ended up in trying last option chatting with stranger because this option is just one click away and other needs much efforts,she made her profile on every trending social media sites and started chatting with many unkown but matured and reliable people across the world. 
She got in touch with a young female friend named as Blessica who belongs to Philippines and most of the time Kalyani use to chat with her as they both get along very well because Blessica was also alone like her.Blessica was employed in a Resort in housekeeping department, she was an orphan and always dreamed of two things one of a family and second to do something for mankind.
It's been four months chatting with Blessica, one fine day they were talking about relationships, loneliness ,society etc;

Blessica - Why don't  you think about marrying again?
Kalyani - Blessi, in indian society it is not easily acceptable also i cannot give that place to anybody else other then Ajit. I want to be mother to someone.
Blessica -  Hmmm, its natural in your age.
Kalyani - Blessi... Don't you feel to have warmth of motherly love.
Blessica - Hmm. so you want to become my mother. Ofcourse i crave for family and their love
Kalayni - Hmm, why don't you visit india and lets meet up may be destiny have some plans for us.
Blessica - I have some savings and i think its worth spending to meet you asian muma.

After 2 months Blessica travelled to india and meets Kalyani. Kalyani went to receive Blessica an hour before the arrival time. When Blessica spot Kalyani at airport with flowers in her hand they both hugged and cried for a while they also don't know why.  Asian Mumma you look bit old from your photograph but Blessi you look very beautiful,they both giggled and left airport for Kalyani house. Kalyani took leave for a month from work to spend time with Blessica and twirl around various places with her 'white' daughter'. 

Now its time for separation and end of vacation, they both bonded very well and level of understanding and love is like that they are blood related. At time of see off at airport they both have decided that once in a year they will meet and spend vacation as new age mother and daughter.
The love which they both get from foreign land completes them and filled the loneliness of there life. They together decided the taste of love which they have tasted now they will distribute to others , they both have joined NGO's at there respective cities and started serving to mankind. Blessica works with orphanage and Kalyani joined a NGO which work for old age home and poor people.

After 1 year this time Kalyani travelled to Phillippines and meet Blessica and , year by year they both provide love to each other, nourish each other life and most important gave MEANING to each other life

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