Dream-Work Can Help You To Heal

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Have you ever heard of Dream-work?  Do you keep a journal or diary of your dreams?  Did you know that working with your dreams can actually help you to heal from many bad experiences and trauma; especially those you may have repressed or forgotten?

Keeping a daily dream diary or journal of every dream that you can recall, is a great way to get to the bottom of things that are bothering you, which you may not consciously recall.

To do any dream-work, you’ll need a blank journal, lined or unlined, a good writing pen or pencil and a dream dictionary.

Keep your journal and pen beside of your bed with a lamp.  When you awake from a dream, write down all that you can recall in the journal.  You can later, look up your dream imagery in a dream encyclopedia or dictionary, to see what the images mean.  By doing this on a nightly basis, you can eventually recall many memories that were repressed or consciously forgotten. 

Dream-work allows you to work through things that happened, to you as a child, which may be affecting your present day life.  As you learn to understand each dream, you can incubate the next dream, while falling asleep the next night. 

By using these tools and getting into the habit of writing down and analyzing your own dreams, as well as, using dream incubation, to further explore your subconscious mind, you can literally heal from past trauma.

Disclaimer: This advice is not meant to be considered professional advice.  If past trauma is taking over your life, you should consult a qualified psychiatric specialist.  This information is based strictly on the writer’s own experience and study of dream-work for the past 39 years.

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