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So many e-mails have been written.

I look back and see the beauty that passed between us. They are beautiful.

The poems I wrote for you,because of you and about you.

  They came from the passion I felt for you.

I can't write those words anymore.

They are there but they lay dead on the cold floor of my heart. I've nothing to lose by tell this because you're already gone.

This is a story of sorrow deep in my heart. I run from my feelings of want, I run from the knowledge  that you don't care.

My mind tells me you you were never there, but my passion tells me all the things we shared. I don't care if you can't see,  but on the other side of unhappiness is me!

One day somewhere in time, I hope you say those words that make you cry. She's gone, I let her slip through my fingers, time has not erased her because she's still mine.

This cut me to the bone but one day I will wash this away. Somewhere in time you will see that I will always be there

. She love you with love that has no clock, there is no tick tock. With every passing moment she wishes she could turn back the clock to the days you loved her. You're gone!!!

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Author: Sybil Vinson
My name is Sybil and I love writing. I'm excited to start this chapter in my life. I'm 64 yrs. young. I love all things in nature. I'm intelligent,funny,loving, sensual, sexy, confident and I love to drink wine from time to time.


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