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February 14th, 2018 
Dear Diary, 
     I just saw a couple kissing outside. It just warms my heart when I see that. Whenever I simply see a couple showing love to each other, I just get this feeling of happiness. It happens every day. Hopefully, that happiness will stay in this world. Hopefully, it can stay inside me forever. 
     The feeling is wonderful. When I watched them from my room, I sometimes wonder if I could ever be like that. And I mean like the couple who were kissing outside. Could I ever be like that? Well, I already know that someday I could find love. So, I ask myself these questions. 
     When could I find a soulmate? What is a soulmate, exactly? It seemed like I heard of that word a long time ago, and I never seemed to think much of it... until now. When you think of the word 'soul' and 'mate', who knew they could go together so well. The definition of such a word could be a person who goes well with your soul! 
     It took me a while to figure that out while I am writing this entry. Sorry it took so long, diary. It's just an amazing word to think about, and a great definition. It is a person who goes well with your soul? How awesome! Surely, there must be someone that matches my soul. There might be so many people who share the same interests as me. 
     Anyone can be my soulmate. After all, it is a person who goes well with my soul. Hehe! Anyway, as I am a thinking of this awesome word, there is something else on my mind. If the word 'soulmate' was really literal, then I imagine a soft line of smoke connecting me to the right person. 
     The line of smoke connects me to the person that matches my soul, and that makes perfect sense! I wish I could see it with my own eyes! But, what if it leads me to the wrong person. That would be nonsense! How can I even go there? 
     Sorry, diary. I just might be scared of what the person would actually look like. Could he be tall, cute, has dark hair, blue jeans, or... could he be a girl? Sheesh! Well, in the matter of having the same interests, I guess that could be alright. There are couples that are the same gender, right? 
     That might be correct, diary. Even if the person is ugly, has an unsettling soul, and harsh to other people, maybe a person with the same interests as that person would go great together. I guess love has no boundaries. Even if that's the case, every person has a lovely soul, and that soul would eventually connect to another soul. How lovely is that! 
     Well, I guess that's enough for now. Thanks, diary. You were a great book to write in. Every sheet you have is so soft. That makes you lovely too! 

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Author: Ibidun O.
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