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In Indonesia especially in Bandung, there is a unique cheap food that we call it cireng. It is made of tapioca flour and it is so loamy. Someday I was working in my grandfather store in a market of Jakarta, and there was a cireng seller near the store. I'm not really hungry that time and also I'm doing diet program, but is like the cireng keep calling me like

"C’mon baby, c'mon baby, come to me, and buy me please!” I was like

"No no no no I'm good man, I'm cool with it", time by time I keep watching the cireng and it is like saying to me again


"Okay, I'm coming for it baby, here I come".

Finally I bought the cireng "Shit man". For cheap food I was not really expecting excellent wrap from it. Usually we are given a plastic or sometime they use newspaper to wrap it, but this time is really different. Have you ever going to McDonald and buy a burger? Yeah that’s the wrap of my cireng here, and it's like I buy executive cireng with this kind of wrap. I enjoy the cireng, it’s like the cireng talk to me

"Oyeahhh baby, it feel's good right? There you go there you go, eat me eat me more beb!" and I just like

"Man you are so fucking delicious!"

While I was eating the cireng, I also admiring the excellent of this wrap, until I want to take picture on it so I can tell to my friend and then suddenly I read something on it, it said "Airsickness Bag by Garuda Indonesia".

I looking at the cireng and then the cireng smile to me like

"Fuck you!” me throwing the cireng like 

"Fuck you to bitch!"  

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Author: Taupik Sodikin
I like books but hate reading it yet love to write about it where I can share the rainbow life upon it. I'm a collage student in Telkom University now (2018), I study International ICT Business Management there And I'm 20 years old now.


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