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Have you ever heard about the Delft Blue? The production of this delicate porcelain has started and continues in the fairytale city of Delft located in the Western part of The Netherlands.  

My first encounter with Delft happened virtually, through inspiring stories of my friend who just came back from Delft. Meanwhile, I had never been in Holland before, I wished to visit Delft to find myself in a fantasy, in a fairytale atmosphere… 

Like most of the Dutch cities, Delft possesses numerous charming and peaceful canals, with the oldest one called “De Oude Delft” –The Old Delft.    

Since the Centre of the town is not far from the train station, you can reach there by foot. The centre itself is small enough, which allows walking around in a short period of time. Through walking, you will soon arrive to Oude Kerk - the Old Church (built in 1246), leaning towards the Oude Delft canal.    

There is a special romantic aura in Delft and we advise you to visit this town with your special one. Delft is enhanced with numerous attractive sites of interest and exploring it is a pure enchantment.

Below are listed sites of interest which you might not want to miss when in Delft, offering you the chance to feel the romantic flair of the town.

Ways to Explore Delft

  • Take a water cruise: unlike other Dutch towns, a canal cruise in Delft will give you a different taste, a taste of fairytale existence. You may take a canal cruise at Koornmarkt.   

  • When in Delft, be sure to visit the museum of the worldfamous Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer- the Vermeer Center. Vermeer was born and raised in Delft; Vermeer Center will tell you the story of his life and art techniques. One of the most remarkable works of Vermeer is the “Girl with the Pearl Earring” which you have probably heard about at least from the movie.

Vermeer's Girl with the Pearl Earring
  • Climb up the tower in New Church and enjoy an enchanting view from the top.

  • Delft is also known as a city of the Royal Family. If you would like to know more about the story of William of Orange (“the Father of the Nation” of the Netherlands), it is worth visiting the Museum Prinsenhof Delft.

  • Visit one of the major landmarks of Delft- the City Hall (Stadhuis), an impressive building of renaissance style.

  • Have you ever seen an industrial park reframed into a spot full of green spaces? If the answer is no, then you should definitely visit Agnetpark in Delft- fascinating green area designed in English style that has formerly served as a relocation place for factory workers.

  • At the end of the day, head of to the Eastern Gate of Delft (Oostpoort), which presents the majestic history of the lovely city of Delft. You might want to know that Oostpoort has been a site of artistic inspiration for many Dutch painters. 

  • If you wish to see how the famous Delft Blue is being produced, visit an earthenware factory in Delft. “The Blue Tulip” or “Royal Delft are some of the places where you can experience reallife presentation of painting and producing the Delft Blue.  

  • Take a walk along the Botanical Garden, housing around 7000 species of exotic trees and plants.

Feel inspired? Visit Delft with your sweet half; spend a romantic weekend or more in the fragrance of love.

Whereas it was a while ago, I still keep this little town as a lovely memory in my heart. There is something special about Delft. Whilst it is one of the major Dutch tourist destinations, the city keeps its peaceful mood and the glorious charm untouched. Delft is a place where the smile of the locals warms up your heart on a windy day… Delft is a place where the blue crafts adorn the streets and stores… And Delft is a place, where the fairytale begins…

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