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This was the end of the world created in the Sera Park of California four years back my Meena and Manish. Now there is only darkness around them. All expectation dissolved and life became silent.  Fife is still there to feel deep pain at heart. Flashback started inside of both mind with perfect synchronization.

In one fine morning, Meena walked to the Sera Park near her home. She was moving around a tree with other few people in a circle. As she was going around the tree practicing 'energy bagua', Manish also came and joined the exercise. Manish and Meena were facing each other in the circle. Both of them were Nepali and others were unknown faces. They noticed each other. After a few rounds of walking, movement stopped. Team leader instructed to do another kind of exercise to release negative energy and then to collect positive energy from the sky. Then there was some other exercise to produce energy by rubbing palm and apply on the body from the head to toe. It was an interesting exercise.

After the exercise, both of them naturally came together as if they know each other. It is natural that two likeminded or like cultured persons feel togetherness in a wider group. They talked openly about them their experience in the USA.

Next day they met in the same park as anticipated. They walked around the park together.

 Manish asked Meena, "what is your status here in the USA?"

"I am in visiting visa. It is the multi-entry visa for five years but this time I can stay for six months only. I need to leave next month. I came here to take care of the children of my sister."

"I also have similar status. I came here to observe the graduation of my sister. I need to leave in two months."

"Are you thinking to come back again?"

"Not sure, what about you"

Meena opened up "Actually I am interested in growing my children here. I am impressed with the right of a child here and the environment for development. "

"Why do you think so?"

"They live caring and lovely child life. When they are young, they can stand in their own way irrespective of the position of parents. They can join any college they want if they are capable. The college charges the same fee within the capacity of parents. They can make use of all the facilities they need in the beginning and repay when they earn gradually. The main thing is that everything is transparent. They do not need to waste the time of life for understanding the system. In our country, people never understand how the system works even they are working there for many years."

"How old is your child now?" Manish thought that Meena is married.

"No, no I am not married. I am talking about the future. I am imagining that if I am married hare and have a child. Unfortunately, I do not have a green card here"

Manish added to her imagination. "You can have a child here even you do not have any status. As per the rule of US child born here will be a citizen of USA automatically. "

Next day Meena came to the park on time. She glanced for Manish but he did not appear. She had some thought to express with Manish.

For the next few days, either of them did not come for some reason. Both of them had cooked a lot of thing in mind. One day they met again.

Manish started. "How is your plan going on about giving birth of American child?"

"I am searching a boy to marry with me. But, who will marry me here? I will be illegal next month"

Manish spontaneously replied. "You can look at me"

The response came directly and so quickly. Therefore, she was embarrassed.

"Are you serious or just joking at me?"

"Yes, I really think so," Manish said.

Both Manish and Meena informed to their sister about their plan. They were married informally and started to live together. Meena got the job of taking care of a baby. Manish worked in a GAS station. They got a room in rent. Meena conceived a baby. Now their mission was to give birth to a healthy baby as an American citizen. One day they together visited the Sera Park. They saw a squirrel, jumping to a tree. Manish said, "Our child would see it with excitement. You will take care and I will take a clip from this position." They imagined a possible event in the various location of the park with their child.

One weekend they got chance to visit Yosemite Valley located in four hours drive. It was a small valley covered with tall trees and surrounded by very high hills. Hills were covered with snow and water falling at several places because of melting snow. Meena located several points where their future child is likely to do some acting and Manish imagined how he would observe and take clips.

They purchased many kinds of toys for a child whenever they got it at the sale price.

The day actually came and Meena gave birth to a baby girl safely. Manish did not go to work for one month.

Meena and Manish engaged in growing child with a high level of dedication. In meantime, Meena completed beautician training and joined a company. The child started to go to preschool. Meena prepared baby for school and went to the office. Manish dropped baby to school and went to the office. Meena worked only five hours. She returned home at 3:00 pm and on the way, she picked up the baby.. Meena cooked meal and Manish maintained households. They routinely visited the park with the baby. Meena took care of baby and Manish captured an important moment in his mobile.

Their status is still illegal but the child is a citizen of US. One day they were visiting in the park with a child. Two police came across. After some formalities police said

 "Can we check your document?"

Meena said spontaneously, "We do not have any document our visa expired"

"Do you know we need to deport you as per the rule?" Police said

Meena became sad with this unexpected statement of Police.

Manish said, " How can you deport us, our child is a citizen of US and we need to take care of her"

"Yes your child is a citizen of USA, Government will take care of its citizen," Police said.

With this, they felt that the police are really deporting them. Meena said how the government could take care of our child. Who knows what her needs and what makes her happy. Who will take care of her future development?"

Police said, we are Sorry, the rule is the rule, we understand your sentiment. You have done a mistake. You need to go with us.

Police took three of them to the office and made formalities. Then they handed over the child to the representative of the childcare center. They took Manish and Meena to the airport and placed them on a plane going to Nepal. Flashbacks topped here.





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Author: Nam Raj Khatri
Environmental Engineer from Nepal. Interested in art, photography, writing and short movie making on natural acting.


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