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One Favorite Place From My Childhood to feel safe from the evils of the world, in my childhood, I would go into the backyard and enjoy the beauty of the green grass. When the everyday routine of childhood would get boring to me I would visit the insects of the backyard, where a curious attraction was sure to last. The backyard at times seemed to be quiet and devoid of life,but soon friends would gather and a game would ensue causing the backyard to generate life. When uncertainty of life created fear in my mind I would cling to the love of my favorite thing I owned, the backyard, where there was never a question of it generating hateful strife.

             On cold days when you could see your breath or hot days when the dress attire was as little as possible there would always be the backyard welcoming me for a visit. I could escape to the backyard and monitor the sky day or night and while singing or eating, but unlike other yards there was always a place for me to stand or sit. When fear and depression made me scared or worry I could always run to the backyard and look up at the peaceful and soothing heavens while laying back on my hair. When my mother would sometimes temper my ugly anger with punishment the visions of me in my favorite place, the backyard, soon would clear my despair.

             On days of boring subjects at school and when the time seemed to stand still or days where cartoons did not feel me up with joy I knew the backyard would be waiting for me, full of life to explore. In the backyard, I would experience the cycles of life which had its ups and downs or survivals and grotesque gores. When there were hours of the day which needed to be wasted my favorite place, the backyard, would always be there for me to investigate it. The insects of the backyard with their simple lives would calm me down from my previous activities and make me respect all backyard creatures.

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Author: Twinkle Thakrar
My name is TWINKLE THAKRAR. I am a 12th science student. I love writing POEMS, STORIES etc.


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