Feel for a Lost Love

Written by Steve Harvell |
Published on:

Many years loved, many years lost

A hearts once love Lost Love

Young and free they was no care

Destiny unknown road traveled

Journey, a meet paths cross

Gentle in kindness bound to fall apart

A dream, Feel for a Lost Love


A reality of a journey they both knew

Even the first kiss was deadly

But the warmth untold

A hearts desire no matter the difference

He was of age, she was barely legal

He had father's permission

A promise to be a real man!


Two hearts they fell in love

Feel for a Lost Love, many rolled by

Days was years, love always remain

Even down the road beauty still persist

Destiny's can be chances even in heart

As journeys are purpose she wears his heart


It not red or run with veins

Its not darken but shell it covers

But she carries it both in life

Its not just his love but hers as well

Feel for Lost Love that never die

Another love that never started

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Author: Steve Harvell
Southern gent from 2 light town,inspired by older generation. A Godly man of heart,dedication to survival and dreams. No failure but will to succeed actions. Inspired by Love,my journey long. Death is certain,there's always light in solution. Being proud your accomplishments is to strive,never stop swimming. A dream is Reality if you willing risk to find achievement. Inspire others,LOve another!


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