Financial Torture and How to Escape Debt

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We went through a few years of what I would call financial torture. We were making just enough money to pay our bills, and it always seemed, as soon as we were about to get ahead, our car or our house would need an expensive repair. I would use credit cards to pay those bills. When those cards were maxed out, I would sign up for a new credit card. This cycle continued for a couple of years.

In those days, banks were giving away credit cards like Halloween candy. These credit cards were interest-free for a while, and some banks even gave cash for signing up. I would transfer balances from one credit card to the next so that I would not have to pay interest. Occasionally, I would apply for unsecured loans to consolidate bills, but that only seemed to make things worse. Those times were horrible, and it seemed like we were in inescapable financial quicksand.

During these tough years, my father died of a massive stroke. His death caused me to reminisce about my wonderful childhood and recall the things that my father taught me about money management...[Read More]

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