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Written by Dorothy Katherine Versfeld |
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A wave of emotion hits me as I fall to the ground in pain. I close my eyes for a second as I lay still on the cold cement. I open my eyes to suddenly find that I am in a strawberry field, picking the biggest and brightest. Im confused as I look around but they are all so pretty. Standing here in this bitter yet peaceful field makes me dream of someone picking me. To be the only one they see. I hear a voice but my only focus is on the berry in front of me. It looks perfect, like that one girl I wish to look like. I'm jolted around by a hand on my shoulder. It seems gentle yet rough. But when I turn I see the beautiful girl in front of me. The creative, soft souled, pretty face staring into my eyes. How lucky am I to call her family. She is the world ahead of me and the girl i wish to protect from this cruel world. She places a kiss on my forehead and grabs my hand. Pulls me to look ahead, but i don't want to move closer into the field.Careful but i know i trust her with my life. I graze the bushes as I walk. She leads me to go on without her. I slowly let go of her hand as her figure fades away. It is no longer a field but a beach. It's nice to feel the wind in my hair. I look up, only to see the image of the one I hold most dear. Wanting to run and jump in their arms I refrain myself, for my body is shaking and I cannot move. The image turns gray and crumbles to the ground in ashes, I am left screaming for their touch. I can't bear to be alone in this world without them. At the least, I do not want to. The world around me just turns black, like someone turned out the lights. I open my eyes to now understand I am in a bright white room. No doors, windows, or any sign of life. It is like I am completely alone. But there he appears. The man who wronged me the most. He dances around me as I feel my fist clench shut, almost about to swing. I now notice the melody that's been playing in my head all along. It's getting louder, as it almost takes over my mind. I can't drive away from it, I almost forget where I am. The anger rages back in me but my feet are glued to the ground. I look down to force myself to move, as I look up the scenery has changed. I walk around, as I am now able to move. My fingers graze the sides of the wall. I grab a book off the bookshelf of what seems to be an old time library. It feels peaceful here. Another figure appears and this time I'm ready for them. I don't recognize this one but it seems familiar. The thought appears in my head, it feels like the answer to everything. This is the shadow of the person who loves me the most. I reach out for them, I want to know who it is. I grab the shadows hand and I'm shocked it lets me hold them. I get this big smile on my face, one I've never had before. I do not know whose shadow it is but I feel safe. I am no longer cold, but a warm feeling overwhelms me. I'm grabbed back and thrown onto the floor. The wind knocked out of me. I groan as I slowly get up. Shaking the dirt off me, unto the ground. There's that melody again, yet this time I've fallen in love with it. There's a picture hanging on the wall. I cautiously walked over to it. I stare into and I see the most beautiful girl I have ever laid eyes on. I reach out to touch it but so does the photo. I'm shocked to discover it's a mirror. I am beautiful. How come I'm just realizing this? The girl looking back at me is herself, no makeup, no anything. She's just perfect. I jolt awake and find myself staring at my ceiling. I am home. For all this time it was nothing but a dream. I laugh at myself for thinking this was real. I breathe in the air to smell my sisters famous pancakes. I remember the feeling of my dream, how loved and collected I felt at the end. I run to the mirror to check if I look good enough. This time when I get up to look in my bathroom mirror, there is no longer that beautiful girl, but the girl staring back at me is simply perfect. I realize I am worth more than I think I am. I do not deserve to be shoved around and mistreated. I am a human being and I am worth the world. I will no longer stand for those who don't give me the time of day. But, I focus on the task at hand. I run down to give my sister a hug and tell her she is amazing, as I do every morning. But when I leave for school, I walk proudly with my chin up, for today is the day I change how I see myself. 

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Author: Dorothy Katherine Versfeld
student* inspired by people in my life


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