Five Ways to Avoid Common Writing Mistakes

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As an author, it is essential to maintain your credibility. One way to do this is by avoiding common writing errors and mistakes. Learning the various techniques that industry leaders use to avoid making these mistakes can result in creating nicely-written work on which that reader can depend. Here are some tips to help you to minimize the errors you commit and therefore increase the quality of your work. 

1. Make your work simple

Ensure you keep your writing work simple. For instance, ensure you only cover one point per sentence or paragraph.

2. Adopt suitable writing format/style

When writing, choose a writing format that’s suitable for your type of work. For instance, appropriately indent your poem, use book writing composition when doing book writing, among other forms.

3. Understand your audience

When writing, ensure that your writing assumes the right tone for the intended audience. Avoid writing generic content with no specific target audience in mind.

4. Avoid missing commas and other punctuations

Commas spice up your writing. They tell your readers when to pause, and let the point sink. If you don’t make good of the commas, you readers will struggle to understand your work. Therefore, before you start writing, ensure you have a better understanding of where and when to use commas. 

5. Make explicit use of pronouns

Some writers are tempted to use pronouns after addressing 2 or more nouns. This situation tends to confuse the readers and makes it difficult to determine to which noun the pronoun is referring.

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