Fontainebleau Chateau: The Royal French Palace

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 Away from the madness of the everyday world, to the southeastern side of Paris, is a magnificent fairytale town called Fontainebleau. Fontainebleau is only about 55 kilometers from Paris and has good connectivity with the cultural mecca through rail or road. Still not much explored by most popular travelers, this town offers much in the way of museums, theatre, gardens, and more. 

Fontainebleau Palace (Château)

In the heart of Fontainblue is located the Fontainebleau Palace. The palace is 'picture perfect' regarding beauty, quiet, magnificence and the royal yet simplistic touch. Surrounded by an amazing garden, it houses a museum and ornamental lake and benches to sit on and have a conversation with 'Self.' This palace is nothing less than a magnificent fairytale château that takes you to an era of the Royalty. 

The palace was built in the 1100's by the French Royalty and offers beauty with a sense of calm which goes missing in most of the crowded tourist places. Whenever you are near Paris and want a getaway for a day to have a day to yourself, Fontainebleau Palace is the place to visit.

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