Forgive you, Forget me not

Written by Donna Tymec |
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Forgive you Forget me not!

Why must you try?
Do you try to make yourself feel better?
Do you try because you want my mind wrapped around the idea of forgiving and forgetting?
With your actions you have sent me to an evil place with in my mind.
Others tell me to just let it go,
Let you go and forget everything that has ever been done upon me including you.
I can't forget nor will I let it happen again.
Keeping it fresh with in my mind is like keeping old wounds alive.
Can I live my life to forgive and forget,
yes i most certainly can,
But will I chose to is the question at hand.
I won't give you the satisfaction of knowing if I have forgiven and have forgot.
There for the spells of torment have been reversed unto you,
times it by three,
Wishing thee would see what was brought upon thee.
Breathing has set me free,
But with that came the forgiveness.
But as forgetting,
will never be.
I can't forget what was brought upon me
Nor will I try.


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Form of Poetry

Free verse

Author: Donna Tymec
single mother of four who loves to write


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