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One morning i didn't wake up

The world fell in love 

The world suddenly shows love

The world can be nostalgic sometimes

 The world can be cruel sometimes

The world hate each other

The world betrays each other

The world spend time being unkind to each other

The world envy each other

Love is dead


I find funerals comforting

The world finds the ability to connect

Funerals bring lost world

Funerals bring families together

They combine again


I am flabbergasted

The world bows its head

the world weeps over the coffin

The world remembers the good times

People are at their best at funerals

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Form of Poetry

I do not know?

Author: Thabang Mawela
Hey you! yes you... the one reading this my name is Thabang Mawela I am a writer, I am a writer I write to express not to impress,and also a fond rugby player I don't just limit myself.
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