Garnishes: Decorating a Dish for Eye Appeal

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Garnishes are ingredients used to complete or to decorate a dish or to add eye appeal. In the classical cookery, nearly all dishes are named after their garnishes. Many groups of garnishes are identified by special names, referring to countries, cities, trades, events or persons more or less famous. New dishes with new names are invented nearly daily by creative chefs.

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Many items are used for garnish which cannot be consumed whereas Herbs, spices &condiments, nuts, vegetables, fruits, creams, sauces, bread items, dairy products, flowers, roots & stems of certain plants are judiciously used which adds colour, flavour & new look to the dish and they can also be consumed.

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Garnishes are used differently for different dishes; the garnish varies for entrees, desserts, sweets, & beverages. Major garnishes are fried onions, croutons, red pepper rings, sliced almonds, cilantro, cocoa powder, rolled wafers, pieces of pistachio, green olives & mint.

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For garnishing tools like knives, graters, skewers, toothpicks &parchment cones are generally used.

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