Getting Lost Through Technology

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Around dinner tables, in church, shopping malls, classrooms, everywhere, one cannot stop to be overwhelmed by the rated life is passing by due to the usage of tech gadgets (more especially cellphones and or laptops) Truly said, we are in an age where they play a very important role in our lives, but if care not taken, this can later lead to unintended consequences of an event or action.

Quality time

It is totally lost considering the fact that we take our cellphones to the dinner tables, in our bedrooms or just sitting around the lounge. No more storytelling around the fire or catching up with loved ones, reflecting on the day at school for kids or at work for mom and dad, it is a mess!!. How do we then realize if there are some red lights flashing in one of the family members when there is no time? And then we get surprised when school sends for social services that “Johnny” is taking drugs, and “Jane” ‘s performance has dropped since the beginning of the second quarter. Very traumatizing!!

Lost concentration

The stats are alarming. Each and everyday lives are lost on the road due to accidents and chances are that some were involved with their mobile devices when an unwelcome event happened. Texting while driving, I cannot begin to imagine how is that possible, really!! Does it come with experience, or simply being ignorant and selfish? I still reel over shock seeing someone texting and driving at the same time.

Children are slowly drowning into depression because of the overwhelming information they intact with. They can’t sit and read a book quietly for an hour or so, for them is all about clicking and clicking those buttons. Very shocking.

Life is a precious gift from God that must be celebrated at all times.

Time well spent is the one spent around family, friends, the sick and the needy. Love looks around to see who is a need, and how we express this love? By sharing with others, this can be :

.Our time

.Our hugs and kisses

.Words of encouragement

And time with our Creator too, God Almighty, very crucial!!

The best things in life are free and always seem like not important, but are Very significant and we need to instill this from infancy when children are still young.

Let love lead!!


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Author: Dimakatso Kwababa
Dimakatso Kwababa is a woman who believes in love, in life as a precious and priceless gift from God that should be celebrated at all times. A writer with a deep passion for reading, research and creating quality-rich and engaging articles on a wide array of topics.


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