Glasses Girl and Letterman Jacket Guy: part three

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I stopped at the oak double doors that would free me from the soundless hallway. One peak out made me rethink my decision. It was pouring out and I wasn't ready to be soaked.

I was wearing a cream lace-like cardigan which was opened with a pastel pink tank top and white denim shorts and white converse boots with my most favorite grey beanie and of course my glasses. I can't take off my glasses because I can't see without them and I can't let them get wet. They'll be ruined. I'll just have to sit the rain out.

"So you decided to wait for me after all

"So you decided to wait for me after all."

My instincts told me to run and scream or do something but the voice has so throaty and masculine that I fell in love with it immediately. That was till I realized whose voice it was. Carson.

"I didn't wait for you. In case your unperceptive self did not notice, it's pouring outside."

"Oh. And there go my feelings."

"I had no idea you even had them."

"Oh trust me, sweet Rose, there's a lot about me you don't know. And the stuff about you that I also don't know," he wiggled his eyebrow suggestively and I frowned unamused.

"I thought we agreed on Rosa? So why 'sweet Rose' now?"

"The first point, you smell like honey which is sweet which explains the sweet and the Rose because your skin is rose-leaf tanned."

"Wow. How did you smell me?"

It was only then that I realized how close we were. His face was almost buried in my neck and his hands were dangerously close to my rear.

"Yeah. And I could do so all day."

"Okay mister, that's enough Rosa time," I said in a commando voice I learned from Ally and pulled away. He frowned at me and sighed before brushing his hand through his hair.

"Sorry," he mumbled so low I almost didn't hear it. Carson and apologizing do not go.


"I said sorry," he muttered and I noticed a pink tinge on his cheeks.

"Are you blushing?" I asked as I stifled a giggle but I couldn't hold it back and ended up bursting into laughter.

"I am not!" He exclaimed haughtily and the hue in his cheeks morphed from pink to blood red. He was brighter than a cherry tomato.

Without thinking, I grabbed my phone and took a shot of a red-faced Carson Stone who had this uncomfortable wobbly smile on his face. Thankfully he was too busy blushing to notice.

"Why did you say sorry?"

"I invaded your personal space."

"So your apology wasn't for bumping into me earlier and asking me to act contrite?"

"Why would I apologize for that? That reminds me. I still didn't get to beat the shit out of you."

"You can if you can catch me," I said and took off. I needed to find somewhere to hide. My intuition was insulting me for challenging Carson, the fastest kid on the team.

Thankfully, I'm also on a team that requires leg speed and I'm smaller. I dashed through the hallway avoiding the several wheelie bins stacked with trash the janitor is yet to dispose of. Light bulb. I can hide in the janitor's closet. No. That is way too cliché. I have a better idea. I scampered on the dirty tiles that led to the chemistry lab and closed the door behind me before dipping under the teacher's table.

Five seconds later, I felt a hand on my thigh and I panicked. Unlike most girls, I didn't scream, yet. I was collecting my fear to form one giant scream.

"GET YOUR FILTHY HANDS OF ME YOU FUCKTARD!!!!" I shrieked and kneed Carson where the sun doesn't shine. At least that is what I thought. When I stood and turned I gasped. Mason Coleman was standing there. Mason is this really cute nerd who doesn't wear glasses and is much cuter than those senseless jocks who play football but then again he's smarter too.

"Oh my god Mason, I'm really really sorry. I was kinda hiding from someone so when you touched me I thought it was that person."

"Never mind Rosa. It didn't really hurt." He certainly didn't look like it hurt. "You missed the spot I'm sure you intended to hit so my thigh is just slightly bruised."

"I'm really sorry. Can you forgive me?" I did a puppy dog face and he bit his bottom lip.

"How can anyone say no to that face? Of course, I forgive you." He said and hugged me. It felt like heaven and he smelt like steak-and-mint. My two favorite scents combined. I think I'm going to die. Just so you know I DO NOT have a crush on Mason. I like redheads and he's a really cute blonde. Okay really really cute blonde.

"Sorry to break this moment but Rosa and I need to talk," I turned to glare at Carson. I shot him daggers in my eyes and I annoyed me that none of them stung enough to kill him.

"I'm guessing he's the one?" Mason chuckled and I nodded. "Guess I'll see you later. Enjoy talking to him," Mason called over his shoulder as he walked out. So why did he come here?

"What do you want Carson." I hope he can tell that I'm mad.

"Just wanted to talk to my most favorite person in the world."

"You wish."

"Anyway, it stopped raining and since you were here with loverboy you didn't notice and being the good friend I am I decided to come to tell you."

"Friend?" I choked. "You are not my friend and will never be my friend."

"I'm pretty sure that will change after a while," he smirked and I rolled my eyes.

We walked in silence, Carson with a frown that showed his dimples as he stared at me and me with my eyes examining my gold watch. When we got to the front doors I walked out and grabbed my phone. I need to call Bob to pick me up because Ty left me. Unfortunately, he didn't answer the dumb phone.

"Need a ride?"

"If it's from you no thanks."

"It might start raining again and I don't think you want to sleep in the school on a Wednesday night."

"Fine. I live in-"

"Peabody Estate, third house on the fifth street."

"Why do you know this? Don't tell me you are stalking me."

"No sweet Rose. You are just so unobservant, my house two house down from yours."

"That explains the noise every Friday night. And why I'm always grumpy Saturday mornings. It's your fault. You and your stupid parties."

"You've never been to one of them?"

"Nope. I'm not fascinated by drunk teens making out and dancing and getting even tipsier. They are stupid but the one who hosts these parties is the dumbest."

"Ouch. You hurt my feelings."

"I didn't know you had feelings."

We dramatically wiped the fake tears from his face. "You're mean to me so why are you nice to that blond?"

"He is a really good guy... something you will never be."

"I heard that."

"You were supposed to," I retorted.

"Just shut up and let me drive."

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Author: Juanita Smith
I'm Juanita but everyone calls me Juan, which is pronounced like the first number- one. And yes I am always at the top. I think writing is cool and I joined this website to better myself for my future career. I like ice cream and I'm only 14 and close to overweight (I don't know why I added that last part.)


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