Glasses Girl and Letterman Jacket: sequel

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We glared at each other for ten minutes. None twitched, none moved, none spoke, in simple terms, we became stabiles. Only the steady sound of our heart beats run throughout the library. It was an unofficial glare test and I wasn't about to lose.

"This is ridiculous," Carson spat, his harsh words echoed in the large library.

"Then why don't you look away?" I snapped.

"And give you the benefit of winning?"

"Well duh."

"No thank you."

After another ten minutes I got bored. Fortunately I didn't have to wait any longer because Carson's left eye lid fell.

"I won, you lost. I'm a winner and you'll never be," I did my happy dance while singing my victory song which was basically just me gloating that I won.

"You're a kid," he said, unamused.

"Thanks for noticing," I grinned cheekily. He rolled his eyes.

"Okay let's get to work. Did you bring any unadorned sheets?"

"What did it look like I was holding before Mr. I-like-to-bully-people over here blocked my way?"

"Whatever. Just give me one so we can hurriedly get this over with."

"We can't start yet.''


"Because I don't know your name and you don't know mine." The early part of my explanation was a lie. Everybody knows who Carson Stone is, he's the only bully in the school... and a very hot one too.

"Hi, I'm Carson Stone and I don't want to be here."

"Then why are you here?"

"Mrs. Dunlopoe forced me. She threatened to fail me on purpose."

"And you would have cared if she did?"

"Yes. You see unlike you, I need my education. As much as I would love to use the billions of bucks my parents have I'd like to think I'm smart by earning a scholarship instead and Mrs. Dunlopoe's threat could ruin my plans."

"I'm Rosaline Eaton."

"The Rosaline Eaton I know has lavender eyes and yours are hazel."

"Thanks for noticing. And in case you are too dumb to figure it out, I wear my contacts a lot more times than I wear my glasses."

"Oh. Now can we start?"

"Yeah. What should we begin with?"

"Can I call you Rosa?"


"Rosaline is too long and I don't have time to say the long word each time I want to talk to you so can I call you Rosa?"


"I'm too highly-ranked to beg you so how about I bribe you?"

"Keep talking."

"Do you like ice cream from Frozen Relish."

"Do you think I'd be this fit if I ate ice cream?"

"So no. What about a ride in my car?"

"What brand, model and year?"

"Toyota Highlander 2018 model- the latest right now."

"No thank you, cars support global warming."

"You like jewelry?"

"Not much."

He sighs exaggeratedly and threw his hands in a frustrated manner. "What kind of girl are you? You don't like ice cream, cars or jewelry and I'm sure you don't like clothes."

"If I don't like clothes why would wear them?"

"Good point and besides, THAT IS NOT THE POINT."

"Then tell me Carson Stone, what is the point?"

"The point is that you wouldn't like going dress shopping-"

"You see THAT is the problem. You are too quick to judge. Did I ever say I don't like shopping?" I wish Veracity was here. She knows how to calm my anger.

"So you do like shopping?"

"Noooo. You're missing the point."

"You drive me crazy."

"The feeling is mutual."

"So what do you want so I can call you Rosa?"


"Are you shitting me right now because I'm unerring that I don't have the characteristics of a toilet."

"Why do you always use big words?"

"When have I utilized big words?"

"Unadorned, unerring and utilized are few examples."

"Oh. So you are that dumb."

"No shit."

"So you agree?"

"I was talking about when you asked if you looked like a toilet I was supposed to say the "no shit" then but I couldn't because you used a word I don't understand."

"Okay. But why steak?"

"It's meat and I love meat."

"But I can't."

"Let me guess, you're vegetarian?"

"No. But I'm allergic to steak."

"Who said you were buying the steak for yourself? It's for me so I don't care if you are allergic. Do we have a deal or not?"

"Yes. Friday after school. You + me @ The Barbie House."

"Oh my god. How did you know I love there?"

"I didn't."

"Now what should we learn?"

"For starters, we can discuss some likely questions on Charles Dickens' Great Expectations. You'll need to read the unabridged version to get the deeper meaning and to be able to quote characters when necessary."

"But I've already read the abridged!" I whined.

"I don't care, for now, we will discuss Anne Of Green Gables by...?"

"I don't know."

"Lucy Maud Montgomery."

"You really need to learn. No student of mine has ever failed."

"You've taught in the past."

"No, but I won't let you fail."

"Good to know you honestly care."

"Shut up and take this. When you go home read the whole book before you sleep and make a list of all the words you've never heard before or you've heard but don't know the meaning."

My eyes narrowed at the book. It had the picture of a freckle-faced redhead whose hair was in pigtails and was wearing a straw hat and she held flowers in her hands. The drawing was pointy and I critically analyzed it.

"You're dismissed."

"About time."

"Don't pretend you don't enjoy my company."

"You wish," I said and grabbed my papers in a messy and unorganized manner and run out without another word. The hallways were lit and the school was cold and empty. Weird right? Seconds ago I was admiring how full the place was now it's deserted.

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Author: Juanita Smith
I'm Juanita but everyone calls me Juan, which is pronounced like the first number- one. And yes I am always at the top. I think writing is cool and I joined this website to better myself for my future career. I like ice cream and I'm only 14 and close to overweight (I don't know why I added that last part.)


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