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Kissed by the sun’s rays

I can't identify my noble beginnings

Championed by my attempts at the reigns that feigns my confidence

Golden, if that's what it is

Then why am I not precious, not valuable

Am I to find my own markets to sell myself?

Or do I need to change the world's perspective

I am golden

That I am gilded and chained to a vein that takes all life from me

Exploited by the system I created

Dying uncontrollably

Golden by definition, I was the first to be sought after

Before they found that pale rock or the encapsulated pearl of the sea


Why do I now have to compete for affections when who is so lonely, so shiny, so lovely as me

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Form of Poetry

Curtal Sonnet

Author: Shawna-Lee Lawrence
I am a poet at heart, so wildly in love with the imagination and the fruit bears from my soul
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