Happiness During Stressful Times, How Can That Be Attained?

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Have you ever noticed that occasionally you see people, who by most measures, should be happy? They have excellent health. They have more than enough money. They have a good job, a beautiful house, and an excellent core group of friends. However, these individuals always seem to be unhappy.

On the other hand, you see someone who, by most standards, should be miserable. They might have chronic health problems or had an abusive childhood. They may have financial issues, or you notice them going though severe family problems. Despite their circumstances, they exude joy! They always seem to have a positive outlook and disposition. Happiness is their true nature.

Happiness despite problems is possible. Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay 

What is the difference? Often the difference is that the inherently happy people get joy out of living itself despite their circumstances. These people do not look to some “thing” to make them happy. What does this mean?

As expected, most people experience a measure of happiness when they reach a specific goal or acquire a desired item. For instance, you may see a businesswoman with a big smile on her face as she receives a promotion for a well-done job. Her happiness is real. You may know a man who is thrilled by new golf clubs and the anticipation of using them. Both of these individuals are happy, but how long does this rush of happiness last? Typically, the joy is only temporary, and many people will buy more things or set more goals to fulfill that natural desire for this feeling to continue.

Understand that setting goals are a good thing to do, and there is nothing wrong with buying things you need or even occasionally want, but do you rely on these things to make you happy, or do you get your primary enjoyment out of life itself? If you examine it, the requirements for a happy life are relatively simple: good health, adequate food, loving family and friends, clothing and shelter, peace and security, and a purpose in life. For many people, some or all of these things are hard to attain, but even if you cannot achieve all of them, you can still be happy.

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