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I could watch him forever. He had a perfect face, perfect lips... His hair was a mess and without thinking, I ran my fingers through it and inhaled. What I hadn't noticed came forward, he had been smoking. His hair had this tobacco scent mixed with whatever cologne he had on and on a normal day, I would despise the scent of cigarettes but tonight, I found it so him and as I inhaled again, I closed my eyes and wish I could smell this forever.

It was after one when we retired to bed. I could feel him next to me, he was so warm. His fingers played on my skin and he made sure I was fully aware that he was a man with needs as he pressed against me and boy! I was aware alright, how could I not be! I arched my back purposefully which placed my butt right where I could feel him hard, growing and wanting to escape the entrapment of his underwear. His fingers pressed into my skin as he turned me over, him between my legs, , his lips on my neck, hands on my breast ... oh heavens! Emotions mixed with passion and heat coming from his kisses sent me in overdrive. He drove me crazy! His mouth covered my nipple and his tongue did whatever it was doing that got me wet. I ran my fingers through his hair and gripped it for dear life as I moaned and said his name again and again and again.. this Man .. HIM.

The night was slow, he slept, I didn't, I couldn't. I glanced at him fully asleep, his breathing soft, his face at peace. I sat by the window as I needed the night time air. I could hear dogs barking in the distance, their sound traveled through the night. I wish sleep would come but there I was just looking into the nothingness of the night with my thoughts and my HIM laying peacefully beside me.

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Author: Shellian Simpson
I created an Instagram page recently @shalle.writes. This is my go to whenever I have a random thought that needs to be heard or seen. I read a lot, I've tried short stories every now and then but mostly quotes. Check out my work on my page and tell me what you think.


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Card image cap Michael Henry - Very well written. I like it a lot. You have captured the mood perfectly!

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