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They will go to new heights today,

To say they’ve got rights to take others rights away....

The suffrage didn’t happen so your sugarcoated reality, 

Could become into something so bitter sweet...


But alas I am yet another sugar coated teen, 

protected and pretending to be broken at the seams, 

but it seems that every person present hold brokenness, you see...


politically correct is all I really try to be.


Because for a moment there you were listening to me...

And that’s all I’ve got to offer from the obscure world that I’ve seen.


There’s many other worse places a teenage girl could be.


But let’s hope that for the future that’s not a possibility, 

I want to leave a legacy

Of a world that’s healing,

no longer fending for its life....


Please let’s leave that in a distant hindsight.

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Form of Poetry

Free verse

Author: Rebekah O Reilly
My name is Rebekah O’Reilly, and I’m 16 years old. I have been passionate about English for as long as I remember, and hope to someday become a journalist, or a poet, or an English teacher....but for now you can find me here on WriterlyWords.


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