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His eyes were a dark green, almost black in fact. His knuckles were pale and Ryder noticed the vein on his temple. This made him smirk.
"I see you want to beat me up. Go ahead. I'm all yours" Ryder teased, his million dollar smirk unwavering. Cameryn took a step closer to him. The atmosphere was filled with bated silence. He clenched his fists and raised his hand.
"Cameryn waits, we're on school grounds don't you dare lay a finger on him," she warned her small voice had worry underlining the anger she showed. His eyes softened and returned to the sea green hue they liked.
"Yeah, listen to the slut," Ryder spat glaring at the short creature who saved him from the beating he deserved.
"Now you better shut up and listen to me you egotistic skyscraper."She began pointing her finger dangerously at him. "I only take shit from my friends and you aren't one of them. Get your fucking ass of my school and don't you dare dream of returning because if you do I will shove your balls down your throat and maybe that will stop your shit talk."
Ryder stared at her, they all did. His grey orbs were larger than talismans. "Damn your girl can diss," he muttered more to himself. Unfortunately, they heard and it only piqued Camila's fury.
"I'm not anyone's girl now do me a favor and get your son of a bitch ass out of here" she growled. He actually looked scared. Her eyes were darker than normal.
He stammered as he walked away to his Audi. They broke into fits of laughter only after he took off. 
"You told him off bad" Shawn commented between chuckles. Camila blushed when she realized what she had done. 
"Oh. My. God. I should probably go apologize," she said leaping away from Cameryn. She moved so sharply it startled her legs and she closed her eyes in preparation for her fall saying, "I'm such a klutz."
The impact never came. She opened her eyes and saw that she was in someone's burly arms. 
"Thanks, Cameryn," she muttered inching farther away from him. He frowned at this of course his  perceptive self noticed this.
"Sorry. I just really like my personal space"

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Author: Jessie Bonful
My name is Jessie but everyone calls me Jess. I'm a thirteen-year-old writer in middle school trying to make use of my time by writing. I love dogs and I have three. They're my best friends next to chocolate.


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