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Shopping is the most enjoyable and loving activity. They use those products or not, the urge to buy things on the go is a practice followed by many. They are known as compulsive shoppers. A few at least consult their friends and neighbours before buying the product. Just to know their opinion on the product and its utilization. This is one type of consumer review.  They may not produce it in a written form or upload it in any site, its’ just an oral transmission.

 Reviews regarding Products like gadgets, home appliances etc may not match with one another, because these products may not be used by every one under similar circumstances and conditions. Their requirements are different so as their reviews. In many cases there may be some manufacturing defects, damage during transit, and other technical problems. Obviously, the consumer is dissatisfied and the review comes up in a different way. Consumers only consider that how far the product solved their purpose irrespective of the environment or conditioned in which it has been used.  It is always better to know the details of the product before buying, even going through the user manual is highly helpful in avoiding waste of money. Were as with books there are certain standards set in to review. The reviewers simply can’t review it basing on his/her likes and dislikes.  With books, reviews help a lot.

Reading books in free time is a hobby to many. There are numerous books that come out in the market every day. Depending on their likes, readers choose a book from their favourite genre and start reading. The time taken to finish a book depends on

  1. The speed of reading
  2. The  volume / length of the book
  3. The time allotted for reading.


Many choose books from their required genre basing on:       

The author,

              By reading reviews,

             The title and theme

As far as the book reviews are concern, they should stand by the content, style and merit. Reviews help the readers to get an idea of the overall content of the book and they can also get to know the plus and minus of the book before buying.  Even with same Author, the style of writing may differ from one book to the other, reviews help to identify the change and thereby you can decide whether to buy it or not. Sometimes Titles play the game, they may be tricky and surely reviews will give you a helping hand.

The following are the best books that I have chosen to read by reading the reviews.

  1. Title of the Book – How women rise

Authors - Sally Helgesen / Marshall Gold smith

Reviewer – Paulami sen

  1. Title of the book – Battle hymn of the Tiger Mother

Author – Amy Chua

Reviewer - Harsh A. Desai

  1.  Title of the Book – Treasures of the thunder dragon

Author - Her majesty Ashi Dorji Wangmo Wangchuck

Reviewer – Swati Daftuar

  1. Title of the book – Breaking out: An Indian woman’s American journey

Author – Padma Desai

Reviewer– K. Srilatha.

  1.  Title of the book – world of free-hand kolams

Author – Janaki gopalan

Reviewer- Hema Vijay.

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