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It is the habit of some writers to sit down in the cold and deliberate drudgery of one’s mind and drag out a plot, at will and from within, and write a book. These are miraculous people with powers of concentration far beyond most mortal writers. 

But as for most of us, we lie awake at nights longing and hoping for inspirations that are destined to come snail-slow. However, when it does occur, what a delight! It seems like all at once, in a flash, the massive slices of the story open before us; in three-dimensional Technicolor, maybe vague here and there, but with a beginning and an end—clear as crystal. Unfortunately, we can never tell when these inspirations may be coming; sometimes in the dark watches of the night; sometimes when driving or cars through the crisp, sweet mountain air; sometimes in a crowded room of people. Oh, and let us not forget dreams; dreams are the most spontaneous and unsolicited encouragement of all. And, when these inspirations do come, we find ourselves rushing to a surface to write or transcribe the waterfall of writerly triumph. Rude? Certainly! But we are writers.

It is our belief, as a rule, never give more than a few hours a day to your writings. Unless, of course, you find yourself in that rare zone of mental fluidity and writing clarity. But write quickly and have your notes and transcriptions ready to reference. It’s amazing what one can do in a brief time when thoughts come together.

Never force the mind. It’s futile. What comes spontaneously and fast is of indescribable worth. It is always fresh and always the finest of what the brain has to offer. Trust your mind. These unsolicited outbursts of the mind are as wild sprays sent heavenward by a tumultuous and violent ocean wave as it hits a rocky coast. And, just as those waves wear down a shoreline over time, so will these inspirational outbursts, leading to an accomplished and brilliant novel.  

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Card image cap P. S. Remesh Chandran - Could dreams be captured in colour from brain waves and produced into films, there would have been splendid cinemas and books in this world. But that technology has not yet come. It is a fact that dreams happen in colour, not in Black & White. When our technology is ripe we would be producing films direct from brain.
Card image cap P. S. Remesh Chandran - Who said writers are normal? At times, they rise to different bands of mind unusual for their time and place and come back with what they see there, to thrill us with extraordinary creations. But what if they cannot come back, i.e. once taken-off, they cannot land, in their time and place? Such incidents do happen frequently, and we send them to institutions. Because their creations do not come out, we do not hear about them. I think there are more in this hapless category than there are published writers in this world.

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