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Anyone can become a writer. However, becoming a published writer requires extra efforts. For one, you need to remain disciplined, acquire as much knowledge you can, and be willing to learn and work. Lastly, luck also plays a role in achieving your publishing goals, but you shouldn’t count on luck that much. To become a published writer, therefore, here’s what you need to do.

Prepare your work for publishing

It is crucial that the work you intend to publish has all the qualities of a good piece of writing. For instance, you must ensure that the work is appropriately structured, flows well, and is error free. Once you’re satisfied that your work is ready for publishing, you can then move to the next phase, publishing. But before you can publish, you need to do the following.

Hire an agent

An agent will work as your link to the publishing house. Most publishers don’t encourage direct interaction with the authors. In such a situation, agents will shop for potential publishers and settle on one that offers the best publishing deal. However, avoid single sourcing of agents, you can make it competitive.

Send writing manuscript

Depending on the path you chose (whether to directly engage the publishing house or agent), you can then share your script with them. Accompany it with all relevant information your agent/publisher may require.

Wait for their response

After submitting your writing manuscript, exercise some levels of patience as you wait for the publishing house to respond. Only make a follow up if it’s taking an extraordinarily long time to get a response.

Acceptance response

If your work is good, you’ll get an acceptance response from the publisher. It’s at this point that you start considering the financial implications of publishing your work. Look at acquiring copyrights and other rights you want as the writing owner.

Get paid to deliver more content

You can solicit for writers’ grants if you wish to continue writing, but you don’t have funds. You can also find other funding ways such as getting into writing competitions or doing online freelance writing jobs.

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