Humans and Natural Norms

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Nature (that is, as 'time') is a continuous process of change, evolution, adaptation, co-operation, and survival. Change-periods vary from decades and millennia to epoch times of tens of millions of years. Through all that change (time) nature developed a self-sustaining system by achieving a   precision of function and structure, a balance of opposing forces; such that life did not die out but evolved as a self-replicating function toward an infinity of forms.           

All the while, nature's observation of parameters becomes inherent to the system, and a process of natural continuous change evolved. And limits such as phi were reached (a natural evolved rate of growth or decay) and pi (the natural tendency towards order) are but two of nature’s limits that 'reality' might only approach but never reach. Such parameter constants are markers between chaos and order in the natural world; and, if such as phi (the so-called 'golden' ratio of change) is exceeded chaos ensues.           

Hurricanes, market crashes, depressions, recessions, and endless cycles of debt such that consumer societies do not evolve naturally.  Business and politics require profits, but they function on the collapse, bankruptcy, and buy-outs of others. It is a system about control by and for the benefit of a comparative few. 

Computer automization in general today means the passing of what has been termed the middle class; those who are said to have 'made' something of themselves through education, employment, and a social ladder.            

Realities of today are such as untold technological and financial potentials, and their resultant possibilities.  Yet, many in power and control are make stupid decisions with respect to a polluted world stricken by global warming, declining resources, and a need for population control.  Governments, societies, and economies should and must be brought into alignment with nature's evolved parameters of continuous change.           

Therefore, it would seem an obvious step that all who vie for positions of control and or power (in whatever arena of business, politics, society, education, etc.)  should be tested with respect knowledge of logic, science, history,  sociology, etc. And, above all prospective candidates for every position of power and control must be tested (when applications for office are made) by public committees with regards education, knowledge of present day environmental scientific truths, intellectual abilities, psychological condition,  and their opinions and goals with respect social, industrial,  political, and global future change.           

Populations then must demand prospective leaders have their capabilities tested, and their nations must agree to better education standards with overseers (perhaps that of a U.N. Council of watchdog-decision makers) to enforce the rule of truth. And truth includes explaining logically the necessity for such as limits to population growth,  and the institution of guaranteed supplemental incomes (feedback of taxes from such as lotteries,  gambling, legal drug sales, etc.) to foster a continuing order in each economic system as computerization continuously rids societies of their middle classes.     

And most importantly, all decisions with respect to life, society, law, industry, and environment (as such become necessary in fast changing times) must and will be made and enforced by large committees of actual experts of relative education and experience. Not by an opinionated control hungry political wannabee, those full off promises, to deny and blind others to the truths of the 'now' reality.

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