I am Nothing

Written by Paghunda Zahid |
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I am nothing,

Standing right in the middle of nothingness

Doing a lot, but nothing,

Gained a lot, but nothing

Worth nothing____ absolutely nothing,

And waiting, waiting for something

That too is nothing!


So hard it is to live

With shattered dreams

Things get so well at first,

But then you step into the light

And find out, that you are no one,

Having in you bawl literally nothing


Around me, I look at people

In streets, in Parks, in market, in universities

I see smiles

All are so happy_____ at peace,

I wonder, how are they so content!

I can see, they are nobodies too,

Then why are they not upset?


You live your life until

Until you become a flower____ fully grown

Then the Life lays its iron Hand on you

And teaches you things that you loath,

And you scramble, you fall and yet get up again,

And you are pushed towards a street with dead end,

Where you keep walking

 Until the  son of Eternity embraces you

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Form of Poetry

Free verse

Author: Paghunda Zahid
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