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Posterity will be given a topic to talk on, an ever continuous topic, an unending case into reality, a pragmatic topic and a purpose driven inquisitiveness that runs down the spines of people like me, certainly, it is 'how I thought you think'. I started questioning my peers on the decision they took, especially when I least expected them to disappoint the ones that trusted them for who they have always been, people like me!

I thought everyone thought life was as tough as iron and as cushy as a feather, well perhaps the way people saw things were different. I thought everyone thought that 'movies were not really real' until I noticed people soaked at the edge of suspense with thrilling anticipation of next moves or actions, some fought both verbally and intrinsically following the influence of the movies in our brains, well, I thought they thought it was not real. I thought parents thought that 'their children should take active parts in being advertently decisive' until I saw for myself how parents direct a larger percentage of our lives by inadvertently making us totally indecisive!

Well, I must say that I thought graduating with a 'First Class ' assures of a befitting job until I got the saga amongst many statistics that a 'First Class' graduate was to take a job which he had been drilled comprehensively for, luckily, he was told to resume duty the next morning before an eerie ran down his spine after a letter from the governor's office came recommending someone else for that same position, I know my country, he loosed the job to the 'recommended' I thought my generation wouldn't have a pace set for improvement until one of my friends went for a programme where teenagers are basically making the world better by being particularly innovative! I still think, I'm thinking but I expressed my thoughts in compressed form

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Author: Oluwatimilehin Adelakun
My name is Timilehin, some of my friends call me 'Tim', It's important to be brief, I developed interest for writing eversince I watched a movie on journals My favorite writer presently is 'Chinuachebe'


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