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On 1st October, 1960
My country, Nigeria, gained independence
Fifty eight years later
We’re still in dependence

Once we had great leaders
Men who fought for freedom
Who sought to break the shackles of servitude
And win for us our liberty

But now reverse is the case
Our nation has become a field
Where leaders play a game of blame  
The grasses suffer, the masses are maimed

I have a question, who will share a thought?
I have a plea who will heed my call
If yesterday is better off than today
And tomorrow offers no sure stay

If we bask in darkness, having sold light
If we are educating to add to the unemployed
If we groom a country citizens will choose to flee
Are we independent or in dependence?

If our safety is not secured
And healthcare is barely accessible to the poor
If a whole nation is fully tagged corrupt
Are we independent or in dependence?

Depending on a messiah to make a change
Sitting back, complaining all the way
But who doesn’t know that audiences have no say
On how scenes unfold in a movie or play

Reticence is a cancer
Complacency is a disease
The cure is in independently taking responsibility
The solution lies in being part of the process that makes the change

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Form of Poetry

Free verse

Author: Olufunke Adeoye
Olufunke was born in Lagos, Nigeria. There, She acquired both primary and secondary school education. Currently, she is an undergrate student of the University of Ibadan, studying pharmacy.


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