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The words kept echoing in her mind

Like  lightning in a stormy night

Her Heart forgot its rhythm

Missed several beats

A baffled smile came first

Then a rainbow adorned her face

With all the colors of joy, trepidation, panic, excitement

How long did she wait

For those three magical words to be said!

And there____ they were spoken

Her eyes closed,

His eyes fixed on her,

He asked, “don’t you”

She raised her head, but couldn’t answer,

Between the eye and him

A Tear beclouded the scene

Wiping the water from her face

He asked again, “why?”

She turned her eyes towards the swaying Silken Tent and said,

“I am sorry____ I couldn’t get to you,

I got to honor my vows,

You belong here,not I”

Far above, the sky roared with its full might

She could see the swift clouds running from the horizon

To the zenith’s points, making a Dom of dark Clouds,

Enclosing the earth like a body in grave…

He stood there____ firm

She left

But her heart……

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Author: Paghunda Zahid
I post my poems there👉 I love putting my thoughts into words..
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